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    How the phone number again?Everyone has memory lapses.We can remember numbers especially badly.There are a few simple techniques to help the memory on the jumps.

    The older we are, the more forgetful we seem to be.Sometimes we forget the name of an old friend - sometimes it's PIN or phone numbers.The fact is: Hardly anyone has a phone number today, because we store it in our smartphone.Even the calculation is done with the calculator.It's not just faster - it's easier too.Those who barely claim their brains want to be able to remember less in the future.It is like a muscle literally stunted as soon as it is not used regularly.However, as we continue to train our brains, our memory will improve significantly.

    1. mental calculation instead of pocket calculator

    When did you expect something in your head?What we once learned at school is now forgotten.In our digital world, mental arithmetic seems to be frowned upon.A grip on the calculator is already enough to know the right result.But mental arithmetic is the oldest and most effective workout ever to keep the brain fit.

    You can count in the head anywhere, anytime.There are many possibilities for mental arithmetic.7x9 is still relatively easy.But what about 31x24?Alone the multiplication table causes problems for many people.Research has even confirmed that Alzheimer's.1

    2. Memorize foreign words or names

    If you are looking for the right fitness program for your gray cells, you should learn a new language.Mastering a second language has many advantages.You are not just training your brain.You can get to know foreign cultures and communicate with locals on your next holiday.

    However, vocabulary every day is not for everyone.It is much better if you decorate your furnishings and furniture with notes in order to combine what you learned with pictures.Later you can add the notes with index cards.The more vocabulary you learn, the better you can communicate later.It's best to watch your favorite movies and series now in your favorite language to train the vocabulary and grammar as often as possible!

    3. Remember numbers

    Do you know the phone numbers of your family and friends right away?Remembering numbers is not that easy.As we usually store our phone numbers as contacts in the smartphone, our memory is understandably has many memory gaps.With this exercise, you can easily train your number memory:

    Choose a possible ten-digit sequence of numbers from the Internet or the daily newspaper and remember as many digits as possible in one and a half minutes.Then you cover the sequence of numbers before you write down the numbers learned earlier.The more often you do this exercise, the more numbers you want to be able to remember.

    4. Shopping with the Loci Method

    Loci method - what is it?The Loci method is one of the most effective and oldest learning methods used by professional memory athletes.This is a method that replaces the things you want to remember with pictures.This allows us to memorize numbers, words and texts better.For example, you can apply this technique to your grocery list, but it works in every other area of ​​your life.

    First you write the things to learn on index cards.Then you mentally find an imaginary place where you "drop off" the things.This can be, for example, your office, which is equipped with a desk, office chair, a lamp or a computer.Each piece of furniture in this case stands for an area in the supermarket.So the computer could stand for the fresh produce department.The frame would be a piece of butter in this regard, the label a cup of yogurt and the camera a piece of cheese.So you can confidently forget about the furnishings of your office, so you can confidently forget about your shopping list in the future.

    5. Alphabetical Quiz

    You can organize a quiz à la "city, country, river" on your own.Just think through the alphabet and count as many cities as possible with the first letter.This works with countries and rivers.By the way, with this method you train not only your memory, but also your geographic knowledge.

    6. Spell or count backwards

    Spelling or counting backwards sounds easy at first - but it is not.Those who go back through the alphabet or numbers 100 to 1 need more time.With a little practice, however, this succeeds in no time.You can recite birthdays, the first and last names of your friends or phone numbers backwards to stimulate your gray cells.

    7. Read on the head

    Reading stimulates the mind - everyone knows that.On the other hand, reading on the head is a real challenge!Therefore: Read one or the other article on the head to keep your gray cells busy.

    8. Sleep better

    If you want to improve your memory, you should sleep well.How much sleep you need depends on your age.Children usually sleep longer than adults.Seven to eight hours are normal for an adult, so some people go by with less sleep.

    Natural sleep aid

    deep sleep |rest & recover

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    Not only does the body recover in sleep, it also requires a longer period of rest for our brain to process the information of the day.If you want to improve your memory, but should sleep particularly deeply.During this time, our brain stores the information of the short-term memory (hippocampus) in the long-term memory (prefrontal cortex).

    As soon as these deep sleep phases are absent over a longer period of time, the memory performance also decreases.We can not only remember certain things worse - we also sometimes suffer from headaches, lack of concentration and listlessness.

    Optimal sleep is the foundation of a clear mind.That's why you should not leave anything to chance. deep sleep is the perfect dietary supplement for a restful sleep.The ingredients are perfectly matched so you can sleep soundly.In addition to the natural sleep hormone melatonin, the herbal capsules contain a mix of lemon balm, hops and passion flower, which we combine with zinc and magnesium to improve the absorption of melatonin.

    9. Food for the brain

    Means for more concentration

    sharp mind |memory & focus

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    • With α-GPC choline for maximum focus and concentration
    • To increase thinking and reaction skills
    • Vegan, gluten and lactose free
    • Without artificial additives
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    You want to improve your memory?Then you should pay attention to your diet.Legal doping for the brain really exists.A sufficient supply of bioavailable B vitamins (especially vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin) and high-quality omega-3 fatty acids (eg from krill oil) should be ensured.High-fat fish, cheese, beef, whole grains and nuts should therefore be on your diet frequently. SHARP MIND is the perfect complement for the next level.The dietary supplement contains a perfectly matched combination of micronutrients that provide the brain with all the building blocks it needs for optimal function.In particular, the power ingredients Alpha GPC Choline and Huperzine A from the Huperzia plans provide for learning and thinking processes for extra performance.



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